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The Projects

Behold our digital menagerie of gaming and AI creations! These projects aren’t your average pixels and algorithms; they’re the result of wild ideas, sleepless nights, and perhaps a few too many cups of coffee.

🏂 Slopes of Fury: HEITS Apuseni Cup Edition

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“Slopes of Fury: HEITS Apuseni Cup Edition” is the ultimate skiing challenge set in the perilous Apuseni Mountains. Brace yourself for heart-pounding descents, mind-bending twists, and gravity-defying jumps that will test your skills and sanity. Are you ready to conquer the legendary slopes, or will you succumb to the rage-inducing twists of “Slopes of Fury”?

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👾 Converting 3D models into Sprites

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Are you tired of painstakingly having to draw new assets every time your developer has a cool mechanics idea? Wish you could add more view angles to your pixel art without having to spend hours or days? Enter Pixelize3D, the ultimate solution to transform your 3D models into pixelated spritesheets effortlessly…

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